Hello everyone!

I’m reminding those of you that want to participate in the Feminization chat on Wednesday, February 14th (yes! Valentine’s Day!) to send in shots of you in make-up or a model in make-up that you would love to see on yourself. If I don’t get enough shots for that night, then we’ll have to switch topics at the last minute…

In other news, I have been doing make-up jobs for the last few days and it’s been a lot of fun! I even did make-up on one guy and he loved it … (closet CD?) haha

I’m looking forward to discussing ways to make you look more feminine on Wednesday night!

In other news, Im back taking calls today and if you would love to be My slut caller for the day – try to make the ranks! I know some of you love the public humiliation. If you have a great fetish or bizarre fantasy – let Me know. I love imagination …

Meet Me at the www.sissyschool.com chat room on Wednesday night, February 14th at 8 pm EST.

We’ll have a good girlie time! –

Stay Naughty Slut. – xoxoxox Ms Cecilia