Have I told you how much I ADORE cuckold calls? I do! I do! All my cuckolders differ a little, but the main theme is basically the same: they all love to think about their wives or girlfriends fucking in front of them! Usually, it’s for the feeling of humiliation of the part of the cuckoldee – but I have to admit I’m an exhibitionist and I love to put on a good show, as well being able to conduct the cuckoldress part and putting my tiny man in his place.

I suppose I should state why I love being the cuckoldress. It’s my right! Yes, you heard me. It’s MY right as a woman to have the biggest ones out there. If you lack in size, well, too bad for you my little shrimp dick…. you’re on the lower rung in the chain-of-big-dick-command. On the cock-size heirarchy, you are the worm size, le petite cockette….

So, if I am with a shrimp dick, why on earth should I settle on it? I could spend a long time telling you why I crave better and bigger, manlier and audacious — which, in comparison to you is laughable.

Am I spoiled? Yes,.. yes I am.

Am I a size-queen? Yes, and I wear the title PROUD.

Am I mean? Maybe a bit, but it’s not my problem you were born with a cock on the short end of the stick.

Do I deserve it? No, I don’t deserve your small cock, and I’m out to seek an army of bunch bigger ones to conquer yours.

What I do deserve is what is my right to have big cock. It’s natural! It’s scientific! It’s of Darwinian thought — you, and your small little cock, is lacking in the ‘survival of the fittest’. That is, what fits best in ME.


Stay naughty! (But not too naughty!) – Ms Cecilia