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The Island of Giantess

Did you know I do Giantess calls? It’s not a super common fetish, but I am on the site for it. Plus, I love doing those calls!

What is a Giantess?

Giantess is what is sounds like – a very tall woman, say like 50 feet tall. She has the dimensions of a fit woman, for example. The giantess has the ability to crush, destroy and sometimes even eat little men. She can also cause a line of destruction in her path through cities and villages. She is the powerful force you always feared. Nothing can stop her!

She is also known to use little men as sex toys!

Why Some Love the Fantasy

I have thought frequently over the years why some men loves this type of fantasy and I believe it is one of extreme escapism. A world with giantesses is of ultimate sci-fi fantasy. Not only that, how exciting would it be in the presence of a huge woman who is about to decide your fate for you? Many usually couple that fantasy with other fetishes. For example, a foot fetish goes very well with a giantess fantasy since, of course, the feet are like buildings to scale up and take in.

Ways to do a Giantess Fantasy

There are many ways to approach how to do a giantess fantasy. Just this morning, I did a sexy text session of this type of fantasy of which was super fun! I think text sessions are awesome because it’s something you can read back on later if you want to. Plus, I love story telling especially if you are a good communicator about what you like. There is nothing like describing myself as a tall woman that gets to chase you, crush you or eat you as a little man. It’s VERY empowering.

If you have a specific giantess fantasy, you know that I will love to hear you out, so email me your ideas.



2 comments to The Island of Giantess

  • Giantess fantasies are both unusual and fun. Talk about a power exchange. It makes us wonder ho most would handle being in a situation of complete vulnerability like that. Is the giantess friend or foe? And what if she decides to make you her prisoner? Or better yet, what if she decides to share her new toy with her other giantess friends? So many possibilities. So many scenarios. Wow!

  • I recently saw the latest version of King Kong, and reading your post makes me wonder if the giant/giantess is one of those archetypes that have persisted for a long time. Granted, giantess lovers do indeed tend to get a little dirtier than the movies, but that would be the case with just about all of our callers. 😉

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