The 4th of July is over, right? Time to get ready for Halloween! lol. It’s seriously my favorite time though.

Halloween is a Crossdresser’s Dream Come True

Every year, I’ll get sessions where the talk of what to wear for Halloween comes up – and it’s usually from crossdressers. I must design, mentally, 5 costumes a year for callers. Not only that, it truly is my favorite time of year and I’m already designing some home decor for my house.

If You Crossdress… Now is the Time to Plan

No, seriously. If you are planning to attend some Halloween parties or you want to shock your girlfriend – now is the time to get the designs going. What will it be?  I haven’t even decided what I will be – I’m more focused on you. Will you be a sexy pirate? Wonder Woman? A slutty cocktail waitress? A witch? Or just a woman?

Whatever you do – make sure you do it well, you never know where you’ll end up at the end of the night – with your heels up somewhere, if you know what I mean.

Other Types of Costumes

If you’re not a crossdresser, but you’re fun – what will you dress up as? Last Halloween, I designed an idea for one of my regulars where he’s a bit of an exhibitionist and the party he was attending was a spicy, open kind of party where you could go scantily clad if you wanted. Because he has a body like a Greek god, I told him to wear some tiny white bikini underwear and have someone paint him like a muscular Greek sculpture. According to him, it was a hit.

So as you can see, I’m usually brimming with ideas!

My Halloween Costume This Year?

Any ideas? I’m thinking of going as a Mistress. LOL. Original right? But one step above that would be a vampire Mistress. The reason I think of this is recently, I did a call where I played a vampire and I turned him into a vampire so he could serve me forever. It was a fun call and we had a blast. So thanks to E – I think I figured out my Halloween costume and you’ve inspired it!

Sexier and Sluttier Ideas

Other ideas for you is if you are going to parties – you can go as a gimp, a slave, a maid, or a jail bird who is being led around by a sexy police woman. Wouldn’t that be fun?

As I said, retail is making me write this because I know that next time I go shopping – all the Halloween stuff will be out and like I said, I am designing stuff for the home to be printed so I’m already busing working on this.

I know, I know – it’s WEIRD talking about Halloween in July but honestly, it’s been brutally hot where I am with the temps over 100 degrees so I’m already looking forward to fall.

And as a redhead, fall just suits me best in color scheme. I just look better in the fall.

Text Sessions

Since summer is still here and it’s not Halloween yet, I know that lots can’t call because there is no privacy – that’s ok – you can text! Go to your bathroom or closet and let’s do a sexy text session. You can put in your headphones and hear me whisper in your ear and you can text back – or we can just text back and forth. I’ve been busy with those as of late and I can see why with all the vacations going on and not being able to escape. Well now you can.  Hit me up on Skype (MsCecilia2011) for this and make sure to visit