Cuckold. Not even 20 years ago, no one knew what the word meant. I knew what it meant and I can probably even carry some small responsibility as to spreading the definition of it. It’s always gone on to some extent, but, no one knew the official title of it until just recent history.

Difference Between Cuckolding and Cheating

I’ve had some tell me that their wife is cuckolding them. And I say, “Oh wow! Do you watch? Do you clean up … you know .. cream pies?”

Then, silence. And then, they say – well …. she doesn’t know I know that she’s doing that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that cheating is when you don’t know about, she’s not telling you — or she’s just not telling you even if you do know. Cuckolding is when you’re in the know because she wants you to know – and you’re involved in some way – even if she comes home later to tell you.

BBC is King

I remember seeing a big black cock for the first time and it was in person. Yes. I saw this massive cock in person and it was the best date ever. This is when I was hooked. And so I started seeing BBC everywhere – porn, jokes being made everywhere, etc etc. Black men are amazing. They are powerful and they are intelligent and sexy. White men, Asian women, Latina women …. alllll want the BBC. And this is what has been the dominating force through the country for quite some time.

Small Penises are No Longer

Remember when women would say “Oh it’s not the size that matters honey, it’s what you do with it!”.  I had said that until I had my first big cock and then something turned on in my head and I said – oh – so THIS has what I have been missing! Women, in the last 20 – 30 years, have become more bold. We ask for it, we get it. It’s no longer women being submissive and just putting up with that small sized cock, or, being just a secretary or a housewife. We want the BEST. And so the rise of the new American woman became a driving force.

Cuckoldry Has Been Around For Centuries

The term first showed up in the Middle Ages. It’s always had a rather humiliating connotation for those men who were being fucked around on. It wasn’t a good thing. Now, though, small-dicked men everywhere has put down their small swords (LOL), and stopped trying to be something they aren’t. They’ve become wiser and more emotionally intelligent. They inherently know they can’t please their women and have become selfless. The ego is no longer in the forefront of the male mind of whom own that small cock.

Where I Come in With the Cuckolding

This is what I bring to the table with you. I train to be a better cuckold, I talk about ways to be a cuckold or I hear what is currently going on with cuckolding. I’ve heard men try to convince me that small cocks really aren’t that bad. Well, no, they are not – but – they don’t exactly please a woman. You need to hear this mantra, Mr. Small Dick.  You just do. So if you are reading this right now – just know that you have other uses. We can have a whole conversation about it. I also do lots of cuckolding trances and mantras to make you more accustomed to the lifestyle. I also coach what to say to your wife and girlfriend and if they are open to it- we’ve scored one for the little dick guy.

Also, it’s my birthday on Friday. Wish me Happy Birthday!


Ms Cecilia