A favorite pic of me. This really captures me:

Oh wouldn’t you love to be down there right now?

It’s anal April. I mean, it really isn’t, I just made that up – but it should be!  I just sold an amazing audio to someone who wanted to fantasize about young men (18+) who he has to serve. Much of that is anal – and he sure gives it up. Of course, this type of roleplay is something that I enjoy too on the phone.

Trancing You to Enjoy the Anal

When I first introduced my kinky boyfriend to anal sex, he was a little terrified. “Won’t it hurt?”, he asked. I told him that it might and he would have to just trust me and the process. I knew what I was doing. I wanted to first get him in line with the poppers and then a nice relaxing trance where I laid next to him and tranced him into relaxation and submission. Then, we started with the plugs I got. First a small one, then a medium sized one until I had him where I wanted him to be. We took our sweet time, drank some wine and he slowly went into subspace. I love that look. The eyes glaze over and it’s just so erotic to watch that I’m helping him get there.

Then, the real deal: a 7 inch cock that I lubed up and slid in and watched him. I for sure popped his cherry and it was delicious.

Are you an Anal Virgin?

If you are, that gets me really excited because I always like to be the first one that popped your cherry. I honestly don’t know how many I have taken for myself over the years – but quite a lot. I wish I had a wall of photos of these virgins – or I should say – used to be virgins.

So if you are – let’s make an anal date. You, me, your lube and a dildo or vibrator. Or any toy of your choice. I’ll talk you through it and if you are really having a hard time, I will trance you through it as well.

I want to be the one who takes your cherry and it would make me happy to have the honor to do so as your Mistress!

How Long Have you Fantasized about Anal but Never Took the …. Plunge?

No pun, or maybe I mean the pun – but seriously, how long have you been thinking of it? I ask this question often to those who have had a revolving fantasy about, well, anything.  Sucking cock, anal, asking your girlfriend to cuckold you … or even eating your cum. And what I love to delve into is just why and how can I break the barrier – so to speak. And even if you don’t want to do anything at all – we can fantasize about it.

Oh the sweet fantasies!

Fantasy Role-play is How I Brainwashed My Boyfriend

It always starts in the imagination doesn’t it? I knew J wanted to be submissive and deep down, he knew it, and I knew it. I mean, he was already submissive but we had to start in imagination-land first. You know, warm him up to the idea – get his fertile imagination to blossom into something real. I would dress up in latex and we would play – light bondage, here and there. And when he was on business trips, we’d role-play on the phone. You know – phone sex!  This is where I got very good at it years ago – weaving a fantasy and then everything just took off from there.


I have a new sissy named Laila. Laila comes to me with the prettiest of panties and bra – she says she gets them at Target. I laughed because I could only imagine how she will order it online, then go pick it up. Too embarrassed to actually check out! LOL. She also wants her wife to cuckold him but let’s just say that maybe she already is. At least, that’s what I think. How can a woman go without sex for years???

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Ms Cecilia

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