Oftentimes, a lot of you inspire me to come up with great ideas, to make amazing audios and to keep me being a better Mistress? How’s that for a twist?

Will You Be My Erotic Muse?

A lot of you give me inspiration for coming up with different games, erotic audio ideas, trance ideas, and a lot more. There’s always those energy vampires who don’t listen or don’t want to communicate and waste my time – but, that’s neither here nor there. What I am talking about is CREATIVITY. I thrive on it. I’ve always been an artist in my craft, in my heart and in my word and that can certainly translate into what I can come up with.

What I am looking for is scripts for the audio store. Well-written ones too. I need GOOD writers. So if you have a script that will follow the guidelines of the rules of LDW – (if you don’t know, ask), and is well-written and long enough – send it. I may just select it to put up in the audio store and you’ll be able to have it also.

What made me think of this is I just got off the phone with someone where we always play card games. I’ll tell you what we did….

Spades Are Humiliating

We always have fun – C and I. He calls and we laugh and have a great time. The only thing that interrupts us is his wife and he had cheated on her years ago, so she knows he has these kinds of calls and he somehow feels he deserves them. I don’t always condone cheating, so I have to say that I agree with him here. I digress. He has a stack of really big cards that he draws and we always assign different things to them. Today, he kept landing on the spade and this equaled a humiliating task – putting on a dress, putting scrunchies on his cock, spanking … what have you. Many of the other cards involve him stroking to various images. For him – he LOVES panties and legs. It’s an amazing thing. We have a lot of fun with this. In fact, he’s supposed to call back at any moment so we can conclude our erotic game.

Creative Sexy Roleplays

I also love to role-play and to be honest – I love playing the teacher, police officer, detective, therapist and boss the most. All these roles are powerful roles for women – and with my fascination with authority and psychology – these role-plays really work well for me. I also occasionally play the nurse or secretary that somehow takes power and control. These are all fun and creative and I have a blast doing them.

Let’s get creative together. If I am having fun, you are having fun and that is what this is ultimately all about is this creative, sexy, yummy, delicious exchange with no strings and just two people spending time together making the best of it in this crazy world, right? If you have a creative role-play idea you want to do, a script to send (that’s either just for you or for all to hear in the audio store), a game to play, porn to watch – I’ll all for it. I even love unusual fetishes and remember – that’s what Vox erotic is all about. Exploring and escaping. It’s fun to weave a whole new world – just you and me.

Yes, it’s all about serving me – but – it’s also about you escaping and having fun, which in turn – helps me escape and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.  xoxoxo Mistress Cecilia