Well Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2024!  I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday and now I’m back recording erotic audios and taking calls – all the fun stuff I love to do.  I wanted to talk a bit about erotic audios and why I love them so much.

Erotic Audios and the Holidays

I remember during the pandemic, audios were a huge hit because everyone was stuck indoors together and couldn’t leave. Erotic audio requests went through the roof because you could at least escape to the car, the bathroom, the basement or wherever you needed to go to listen and escape. It was a way to forget about everything stressful going on at the time – and it was also my escape too. I recorded a lot of them as we were all quarantined.

I have found that during the holidays – they are also a big hit because family is around or you’re traveling on a plane, train or automobile and you can pop in my audio and listen.

Controlling Your Erection in Public

I often tell people to maybe not always listen to my audios in public if you are wearing tight pants. Listening to my audios could get you in trouble with the woman sitting next to you on a plane. Unless, of course, you love to be teased that way and you are wearing baggy sweats – I’ll all for teasing you. I think it’s hilarious to hear how my voice is out there and is being listened to in a variety of ways. If you have ordered an audio from me and it’s in your playlist – where do you listen to it? In bed? In the car? Where? I’d love to get some feed back on this.

How Erotic Audios Work

Generally, many send me a script to use because a lot of people already have in their minds what they would like to hear: a certain scenario, me and you as certain characters, or, maybe there are mantras you wanted to hear, or affirmations. Perhaps it’s just me giving you an assignments, which I have done recently – Thanks Lexi – that was fun!

If you have a certain erotic sexy scrip to send me – just email me and I will direct you to eroticaudios.com. That’s a good place to look around and see what it is we have to offer there. If you want me to write the script – go ahead and look to see where you can get that option on that site.

The Kinds of Erotic Audios I Record

I do all kinds – erotic roleplay, trance, affirmations, assignments – the sky is the limit! And we can always discuss what it is you are looking for too in email or skype. Generally, I’ll be here all week to discuss audios so you can have a very sexy Merry Christmas. I’m open to suggestions. Otherwise, I’m here for in-depth role play calls, assignments, or just chatting in general about what you might be looking for in your submission.

I wanted to give a shout out to some of my sissies, cock control sluts and cocksucking guys on how much I appreciate you and you’ve made 2023 so fun for me. Let’s make 2024 another fun year and know that I’m always here to spice up your life. It’s fun to venture into your minds as always and I take great pleasure in talking to you.

So what are some kinky goals you have in 2024? Have you thought of it? Let’s brainstorm together and remember – reach out any time via Skype, or email. This is the best way to start your submission to me!

Mistress Cecilia