If you didn’t read my last post about watching porn with me – be sure you do. It’s something I love to do and it’s much better watching it alone, right? Now onto erotic custom audios and a note to my crossdressers.

Custom Audios

Oh yes, I still do those. I just did a few in the last 2 weeks and a couple involved trance and sucking cock.  It was more of a lucid dream type of trance with music in the background. Music, of course, is optional – but the kind I use will lull you to a relaxed state which is what it’s supposed to do. Anyway, I hope he’s listening to it over and over again in order to go where he wants to go in fantasy land. You can listen to my voice here: EROTIC AUDIOS

And you can learn more about where to order here: ORDER EROTIC AUDIOS

So What Erotic Audios Have I Done?

Well sky is the limit. I’ve done many and covered many different topics: cuckoldry, chastity, BBC, denial, ending, crossdressing, bondage and limitless fantasies. Come with your ideas or a script and let’s have fun with it. I love doing audios and since I have access to royalty-free music files – I can also add that as a backdrop if needed. Or, just my voice.

Crossdressing and Your Confusion

I wanted to switch gears for a moment as I’m seeing a growing rise in confusion with some I have spoken to about who you are as a person – as a crossdresser – as an effeminate human being – or whatever you want to call yourself.

My question is – bitch, why?

I say that as tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, the torturing of yourself needs to stop. There’s a difference between wanting to be humiliated as that can be fun. Have a small penis? Come on, that’s funny – and I will make fun of you for it. Want to be made fun of for wearing panties or dressing up like a sissy? I got you. But – for you to be torturing yourself unnecessary in some dark mental web isn’t fun for anyone. You really should come to a place of wanting to accept yourself for who you are.

Case in point – in case case of a very long time caller of whom Ive had the privilege to get to know and like very much – N.  N is divorced and in a new relationship. She has been a long time crossdresser and has a small cock. Also, she thinks her girlfriend should be fucked by other guys.  She can have fun with it but there is this torture inside of her that goes to a dark place. Look, I get it – you weren’t built like a man with a large cock, muscles, and wielding an axe to go chop wood for your girl in the forest. But you have your purpose. And that purpose is to serve. You have a woman inside of you that’s just dying to come out so enjoy her. If you want to put on your “manly mask” on the outside so the rest of the world can see – go for it.

But – I know you you truly are.

Maybe you should go through an entire breakdown with me and have a trance audio – or do it live – to help you to chill.

We all shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously but I’m a good ear to listen to for such matters. Just be aware that if you like to be humiliated – I will throw that in.  I’m all about accepting yourself as you are to the degree you’re not hurting anyone and last time I checked, crossdressing didn’t hurt anyone and if it is – maybe change who you are surrounded with. I know – not always easy – but it can be done at least in your own time.

You’ve always got Me and the ladies of LDW to talk to about it right?

Now go put some panties on. Your Mistress has some audios to record…..

Ms Cecilia