I attract a lot of sissies and I love it. What I just got finished doing in the last couple of months is working on a customized series of trance/ feminization audios for a gurl – Faye.  Faye came to me and wanted customized trance audios to help her be more of a girl. We started with dressing, then another audio was on accessories, shaving, shoes, make up, nail salons and a whole other one on taking care of her nails. She now has a full library of audios to trance herself whenever she wants. The last one became more of an erotic audio where she was tranced to play with herself just like a girl.

Faye is loving it and she is listening to the audios every evening and rotates them. So keep in mind, you can collect a whole a library of whatever you need.

Onto other things – it’s been very chilly here in Vegas and we’ve had a lot of snow in the mountains but I am READY FOR SPRING! I want to wear short skirts again, and tank tops and all those sexy things I get to wear around here when the weather is warmer. I am ready to tease some cocks. And I’m ready to take on some more cock control guys! Teasing and edging, chastity and whatever comes by way. As I have said before, I always take on cocks, conquer them, and put them on the shelf like trophies. LOL. Can you tell I’m ready for spring?

Also, one last note before I go – I don’t just do feminization sessions or audios, I do ALL kinds of audios. I take scripts of all kinds or your suggestions on what you want to be tranced about – and go from there. If you have any questions – please email me! cecilia@enchantrixempire.com.


Ms Cecilia