It’s been awhile since I updated but as always, if I’m not recording on an audio, I’m on the phone and if I’m not on the phone, I’m spending time with the beau and my dogs, and a cat I have – a Siamese Point Lynx that is a little cross-eyed. And also, if I’m not out fucking – true story. Which is why you don’t see me on nights much.

It’s been some time since I have spoken to some and others call me every week. So to the newbies to my blog, and the old one who need a refresher, I wanted to reintroduce myself and what I do here at LDW. I love to

I have been a Mistress for 20 years! WOW! Twenty years, but yes, that is true. I will list out the things that I do and specialize in:

What I do as as Mistress

Trance: This is the best way to get deep into your head and make you do what I want you to do.

Roleplay: Secretary, Boss, Hot Wife, Therapist, Nurse, Teacher, Police Officer – in my line of work, I play many parts and love them all!  If you have a more unique role-play, I’d love to hear about it. Send me your idea.

Guidance: Many come to Me asking for advice in relationships or simply how to live out their best life in their world of kink. Don’t know how to approach your wife about cuckolding? Confused on if you should immerse yourself in your first bi experience? Should you expose yourself as a cross dresser? The list truly goes on …

Instructional: I give instructions on chastity, I tease relentlessly, I train in sissification, maid training, bi- training, cuckoldry and all kinds of ways to use your toys.

Audio: I do all kinds of audios but if you have a fantasy – a script is required. I also do trance erotic audio interlaced with music if you want relaxing, soothing music.

I’ll even watch porn with you and have many times – in fact, I just got off the phone with J today and we watch porn all the time together!

I can’t even list out all the things I’ve done in my career as a Mistress, but I tell you, I have the world’s most fun job. It especially helps if you know what you want and communicate. If you are shy, that’s okay, we can work through it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2022, and if not, let’s all make it a better 2023!

Mistress Cecilia