One of the things I learned as a phone Mistress (and real life Mistress too) was submissive need to be listened to as well. All have their wishes and desires. Many don’t know how to attain it though. It’s okay if you want to stay in fantasy – some can’t venture into the realness of their fetish due to many circumstances. But Im here to say that I cater to both: counseling and fantasy. In counseling and guiding you – (I’m a certified Life Coach in the realm of kink 😉 )   I can help you attain what you are looking for as long as the outcome is realistic. Meaning, if your wife, girlfriend or the chick you are dating can is open to the idea of having sex with other men while you’re around – then we can discuss what the next step should be!

All That is Cuckolding

There’s so much to consider when being cuckolding. Questions to be asked. Questions you also need to ask yourself. Will you watch? Will you clean up? Will you help get her ready? Will you pay for their date? Will you just stay home when she goes out? What is your role? These are the kinds of questions I typically ask when I am doing cuckolding calls and you are trying to make it happen for real. If you have already been cuckolded, I love to hear stories too and where you, as a submissive, might be able to improve if any improvements are needing to be made!

Have I Cuckolded?

Yes I have. I have cuckolded and I still cuckold. I did take a break for a year during 2020 for all the obvious reasons, but, now I’m back at it to a point. I’m a seasoned cuckoldress having lived this lifestyle for about …. well, many years. 😉  So know when you are talking to me, you are talking to a pro. If you are looking for a Skype session – I’m available for those too!


Mistress Cecilia