Happy New Year 2022! Last year flew by and I was kept so busy with all my “activities” – I just thought I’d take a moment to catch you up with what I have been doing and to remind you of what I now offer as a Mistress.

As you all well know, I’m a Mistress. I’ve been here at LDW for a long time and proud of it! This journey has taken me on many paths, and one of them being in the areas of trance, and life coaching. I am a certified Life Coach now and have been for about two years. I’ve worked as a graphic artist and a make up artist – so when you call me for make up advice – I know how to help you look as feminine as possible! I point to resources and I’ve been known to aide in how to make-up for a Skype tutorial. I can show you how to blend as I watch you, which colors to go with, how to apply false eyelashes, mascara, – all of it! And, contouring. Contouring is very important when you’re trying to shape a feature in a different way. Big nose? Contouring. Big jaw? Contouring. Want to have bigger eyes? Eye shadow and mascara, or false eyelashes can make a big difference!

See the photos below? You can tell where the darker foundation was applied to shape her face. Blend it out and now you have a contoured 

Life Coaching for Your Sexuality

So, if I have not touched up on this topic before — I will now. A life coach helps you reach your goals – that’s the more simple way to put it. So how can this help you? In a variety of ways.  Since I am a Mistress and a life coach – this can be a powerful combination. For you, as the submissive, you might have trouble with certain things: grappling with your submissiveness, how to be more feminine, ways to become cuckolded – or just improving your relationship with your wife/girlfriend or your Mistress. Maybe you are confused about your sexuality or gender and you need help to figure that out and figure which direction you’d like to go in. Or exploring your own humiliation…

2021 Was the Year of Perfecting

Since I have now gone down the track of Life Coaching – I have actually have been perfecting it in a way that I have actually helped people realize who they are and where they want to go. Now while I am not a psychiatrist or a therapist, I can help you suss out who you are internally and make you shine! And yes, this can go down the road of erotica too. Techniques on how to be that perfect sultry girl, or how to suck cock (yes, really!).

So I’d like to hear what your goals are for 2022. Please post them below – or email me if it’s personal! Ms Cecilia