I’ve been so busy with calls, and dominating and life coaching and trancing – I had to take some time off to catch my breath. So I’m back around but on Halloween, I may be here at least half the day. You can catch me in the morning of that day. So what am I going to do on Halloween? I’m going to a party and I’m dressing as a …… drum roll…. a Dominatrix. LOL. I didn’t feel like going out and buying a new costume and I already have the Domme outfit here, so why not? Leather boots and pants and corsets, boys. Watch out!

Life Coaching as a Domme

So I wanted to address a bit of this blog time to my other side of myself and my other certification: life coaching. For those that have been following my career for some time, I have ventured into different avenues to accompany what I already do. Trance work is part of this – and I’ve been doing it a very long time. Two years ago, I did get my certification for being a life coach, and since then, it’s been VERY good. Especially last year when lots of people were hunkered down and were wondering where they were going next in life. I do know that being a life coach and a Mistress do go hand in hand. Not to mention, my background in psychology and anthropology.

How Does Being a Dominant Life Coach Help Submissives, etc?

Let’s face it, sex is life. We think about sex many times a day. Also, relationships are life. If we aren’t in one, we want one, and when we are in one, we strive to make it work. Relationships ARE work. If you are a submissive male, you may also be wondering how to be in a relationship with a dominant woman. Or, how to make your current woman more dominant. The list goes on. This also helps with other areas too: being a better submissive, chastity training, discovering and implementing your feminine side, cock control in areas where you know you masturbate too much, etc. Basically, I’m a coach for domination. But also, I have ventured with weight loss, procrastination, relationship issues in general etc.

As long as you are ready for the work, then I can help. If you’re not, your lack of involvement will show and I will not be putting my time into it either. This is how it goes!

Still Your Friendly Neighborhood Mistress

Of course, I still do dominant calls and role-plays. I still speak in depth about your situation and where you stand. I love hearing real-life stories and I love to also give real-time instruction as I always have. So do not be discouraged if you are not looking for a life coach or more in-depth ongoing sessions. Of course, I always strive to make you all better submissive.

As always, I’m taking erotic audio requests, and I’m a tad bit back-logged but you can still put in your custom audio order with me! They’ve been a really hot selling item that past two years!


Mistress Cecilia