Wow! The audio thing has really taken off! Last week, I managed to do 10 audios and got all caught up. So, now I wait for the next rush. I’m currently taking scripts, or at least DETAILED notes on what you’d like your audio to be. I say detailed, because I no longer want a sentence about what you want – the more detail the better. It helps me to understand your psychology better and how to make an even BETTER audio for you.

Doing Audios and How it Saved This Mistress

I think one of the best things to come out of the pandemic of last year (and it’s still going on, but not everyone is stuck at home anymore), was making these erotic audios for you so that you do not go insane. And honestly, it saved me too because it gave me something fun to focus on, so to call of you who ordered audios and kept me going – a big thank you!  It became so great, I bought a new mic last year and I’ve been taking off with it since. I got audio scripts and detailed notes from those into balloon fetishes, panty boys, tease and denial, coerced bi and all kinds of topics. Lots of trance too!

Speaking of Trance and Domination Audios

So I get asked a lot – what do people want to be tranced for? Well all kinds of reasons! But notably, I get busy with feminization (acting, speaking, dressing and wanting to be a girl), cock control, cock teasing, coerced bi, cuckoldry, and all kinds of fetishes. The thing with trance is that it can help you to get through moments where you feel you are stuck and can’t make the next move. Meaning, if you have a fear of fulfilling one of your fantasies – for example. Think of it like mantras. And I also assign mantras you say to yourself.

Another way is lucid dreaming – when I do trance, I can also weave a story or a fantasy after the initial trance. It’s a good way to relax you and to make you escape into a world you’ve always wanted to escape to. How many times have you thought of the fantasy you have had? How many times have you jerked off to this particular fantasy that drove you absolutely crazy? Did you ever come close to making your fantasy come true? This helps to place you there – where you have wanted to go.

Don’t Worry; You’re Normal – Maybe.

In terms of cross dressing, wanting to explore bi, and being attracted to BBC – hey! You’re normal! If you want to seriously do body worship on a Mistress like me, be humiliated – ALSO NORMAL.  Now, unless you are the occasional guy who loves to fuck vacuums or be a puppy on the floor licking your Mistress‘ feet – I’d say you’re pretty normal. I think it’s all normal and who created normal anyway, right? We love what we love. We are who we are. But I love having in-depth, intelligent conversations about your experiences and stories, fantasies and concerns. I also love teasing and humiliating too – I mean, a Mistress needs to have her fun right?

Also to J – thanks for the amazon gift card and virtual bouquets. You paid for a part of my vacation coming up in June/July. You are a VERY GOOD BOY.

So my HOT MIC is waiting. Send your details ideas and scripts to Me. If you’re having second thoughts, listen to a clip of my voice. 😉

Ms Cecilia