Hey Guys! Welcome back to my kinky little corner of the universe. Now that I am mostly settled and putting some boring things behind me (like tax season), I am gearing to go with one of my favorite LDW Mistresses: Mistress Cassandra.  Starting Thursday, April 15th, Mistress Cassandra and me will be doing a special on 2 Mistress calls: For half an hour, you get 5 mins free, and for one hour with the both of us, you get 10 minutes free! Double down and get double the deviant deliciousness.

Two Mistresses: Double the Deviant Deliciousness

Why did we gravitate toward one another – Mistress Cassandra and me? We are both similar in a lot of ways and one of our specialities is trance. A lot of you know I already do this and have been for a number of years so we have teamed up to do this and more on 2 Mistress calls. We both love to interrogate, humiliate, tease, taunt, tie you up, feminize you, cuckold you and the list goes on. And yes, trance can be integrated to any number of those things. We have been friends for years and know one another quite well – so you will be able to feel the camaraderie and the passion we have for playing with submissives in a number of ways. We also do role-plays, and just in general, we love to have fun. Mistress Cassandra is awesome at what she does. She loves to draw you in and control, just like I do. We make a great pair!

Audios Are Heating Up

I’ve always done audios, but, with the 2020 pandemic, I certainly became more busy. Mistress Cassandra and I are also cooking up a way to do 2 Mistress audios as well as we launch our 2 Mistress special, so keep us in mind. Please email us for questions and details on this. And if you’re looking for just me to record, my mic is up and gearing to go. I have one more in queue to do this week, and I’m ready to take more orders. Remember, details and scripts are great. The more I know, the better. Be sure to look at the price list at eroticaudios.com.

Las Vegas is Heating Up!

It’s starting to get hot in Las Vegas. I’m back in short shorts and tank tops already and it’s not even mid April yet! Now that I have a new backyard that faces a huge walking path, lots of guys walk by and stare as I plant flowers. Well I love it – because if you know me well enough, you know I love to tease! Forever a tease. Leaving men with a dripping cock is what I do best. I can only imagine what they do when they get back to their house a few houses down ….

On that note, mark your calendars for me and Mistress Cassandra – this Thursday!