I talk to a lot of married men. A LOT. Sometimes they want to know my opinion as a woman and try to channel their wife. This is fine, except I’m not your wife. I’m a Mistress. I’m kinky. And I’ve been dealing with the minds of submissives for years, as well as the art of BDSM. Some wives are going to be open to your kinks, and let’s face it, some will not. I’ve talked to a number of subs over the years where they tried to get their wives to be more dominant – and you know the old saying …. you can lead a horse to drink …. They won’t do it. It’s not in their DNA.

Make Your Own Adventure

So what do you do when your wife or girlfriend won’t play along? I mean, perhaps you get along on every other plane but the sex isn’t what you want because you’re a kinky slut. LOL. It’s true. You know and I know it. Well, you make your own adventure. I have found with being in my own relationships, and talking to a massive amount of men over the years – you can’t always get what you need from one person to fulfill everything you want. I’m not suggesting cheating. I’m suggesting find other avenues to satiate a desire. Calling Mistress, ordering sexy erotic audios, watching porn, doing things on your own seem to be a great outlet. You scratch the itch, and then revisit it again later when you’re ready.

Make Time for Your Kink

It’s important. It’s your “therapy”. I say this because those that really push away their basic desires seem to be disenchanted with life. If you want to dress up – find the time. If you like to have anal sex, use a toy, if you like to listen to an audio of your favorite Mistress programming you, telling you a story, and getting a call in for a phone sex call. Make time for it – if you don’t – it’s going to creep up anyway. Right? You know it will.

So What to Do?

This year, during the pandemic and shut downs – my orders of custom audios have gone through the roof and I actually love doing it. Being that, you have a clear idea and a script of what you want recorded. Also, if you have no time to get on the phone because of people around, you can always do a sexy texting session online via Skype. Of course, I’m always available for calls for trancing, guidance, role-plays, instructions or just to talk things out about your life, and all your slutty kinks!

Let’s Make This Christmas a Blast!

Mistress Cecilia