Damn! 2020 has been super crazy. I mean, super crazy. It’s also allowed me a lot of time to really get to know some of you though. Many have been locked away at home and unable to leave the house. So via sexy texts and audios – I’ve been corresponding with many of you. The audio requests are still going strong and have been a hit – so those of you that have submitted an idea, a script, or something along those lines – I hope you are enjoying!

Ways to Go About Getting an Erotic Audio

If you have a script or audio idea – that’s the first step! If you don’t have a script, email me the exact details at least. For example – do you want to be tranced? Do you have a fetish for feet? A need to suck cock but want to be coerced? Maybe you’d like to combine the trancing AND the fetish. (Super powerful). Next, contact me with these details/script/ideas and we can discuss it. Then, go to eroticaudios.com and purchase the time you’d like. Let me know you’ve purchased the time (make sure it’s enough to get everything you’d like in it), then, let me know. Once you do, please allow a few days turn around time for me to get the audio to you, and then you can listen to it forever and ever. I welcome the idea of being added to your erotic library.

But remember, the more detail the better!

Sexy texting When the Wife is Home

Oh yes. You know you guys need it, right? The other day, I spent the better part of 2 hours with someone and I cock teased him. Did you like that, J? Of course you did. His wife was upstairs and I believe he was being a basement-dwelling pumper. HAHA! Pumping away at his cock and trying to be quiet about it as I was teasing him. Now we first started out with just texting, but he asked to put on his headphones so he could hear my voice and I was happy to oblige. I quickly learned what is fetishes where and I sent him porn clips where he was to sit and watch them as I teased him. (Think: rather average cock, LOTS of teasing, and humiliation). He typed back responses. After, we had a little “pillow talk” where he told me some other secrets and that was that. So to say that I enjoy teasing guys while the wife or girlfriend is home – an understatement. I think it makes everything more exciting and of course, I’ve got a dash of evil so it works for me.

Of course, I Take Phone Sex Calls While You’re at Work, In the Bathroom Stall, and on the Freeway……

It’s amazing what some of you do to release steam and talk about your sexcapades. I’ve talked to guys in offices, highways, parks, parking lots, basements, bathroom stalls, and who knows where else. I love it. As long as you’re safe, I don’t’ care from where you call me because I realize privacy is sometimes hard to accomplish. Even still, I’ve talked to guys in shopping malls and grocery stores because I was assisting in helping them buy things that they would use later (wink, wink). Of course – sometimes we have to talk in code if they are in public, but often – a hard on arises on them, and well …. they have to rush back out to their car. Phone sex guys – you’re the best.

I mean, did you think you’re the only naughty one out there?

Ms Cecilia