Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy working on various things – one of which I’m always knee-deep in: trancing. So, I really love trance work because I find it’s a way to open up your mind from blocks that might still be lingering around in there.

A Little Effeminate and Stuck?

I have had a number of gurls who I’ve been working with over the years who have been struggling with their identity. Who should I be? How shall I carry on with feeling like a woman inside? Should I throw all my clothes away? Trance work can help alleviate these struggles or to at least make you more comfortable with who you are. It can also help you to accept things – like taking a dildo, and making you feel good about your own sexuality.

Controlling your Mental Processes

We all have to agree that domination, BDSM, and sexual influence and coercion all starts in the mind. A good Dominatrix knows this which is what makes a majority of Mistresses who work on phone lines. Those that are specialized in trance skills can take control of the mind very quickly to those that are wiling to lend their minds over. What happens after, subsequently, is action. It could be action in a way of taking a toy you’ve been scared of — it could be that bisexual fantasy you want to live out, or, just a fantasy you want to explore that you’ve been afraid of!

How to Begin?

Email me, or add me on Skype to briefly talk about it. Or, just call and we can work through what you want to experience and be trained for. Trance is a great way to open your mind!