Wow! I’ve so appreciated the orders I have received for erotic audios. Thank you! It’s nice knowing that my voice is in demand – especially when it comes to my favorite topics, so it makes it easy for me. So if you have had a general idea or you have a scrip of what you would like recorded – send it to me. I love recording erotic audios and I love knowing I have some sitting in your erotic audio library!

Some Ideas for You with Erotic Audios

Not to worry – I still take live calls. But if you are missing my voice, or I am on vacation – my voice is a click away. Here’s some ideas that I often get asked for: Anything to do with any of your fetishes: cock control, cross dressing, bisexual fantasies, trance, cuckold – or just general programming. I have many come to me for mental brainwashing and programming and what better way to receive this is from an audio. Calls are great for this too, of course.

What Has Mistress Cecilia Been Up To?

I recently went near the border of Mexico on a 4 day vacation to unwind and get away from Las Vegas. It was indeed still hot, but very much a welcomed escape! I explored the country side and then, of course, lounged by the pool to tan a bit. I’m not the type to tan easily, but I do well with tanning oil. Wouldn’t you love to rub tanning oil all over my body? Of course you would. It was a much needed little vacation so I will be sure to make a get away in about a month or so – until then, I’ll be here taking calls and audio orders. So what have you been up to?

Viewing Porn with You

Ever get on a call with a Mistress and view porn? One of my favorite callers – I’ll call him John (not his real name) – has been calling me for years and this is what we do. Between chaturbate and various porn videos, we have fun exploring videos together. I have my favorite category – BBC and gang banging videos – my favorite! So yesterday, we ended our call on a sweet note – two big hung black guys with a white girl. That was a good way to end the day, I tell you! What is your favorite porn to watch if you watch it?

xoxoxo Mistress Cecilia