For several years, I took a break from trancing my submissive callers and only did it with a few. I worked on my life coaching certificate, and dominated boys in private and then continued my study on how to be a better Mistress. I delved in deeper into the trance world having been tranced myself to see what it is like. Because I’m not submissive at all, I was probably a harder subject. I’ve noticed that submissives already come with the mindset to be molded.

So What Can Trance Do From a Mistress?

Short answer: Many things. It all depends on what the end goal is. With my boyfriend, for example, I’m able to get into his head quite easily because I know him so well. And that is key! So, just this past weekend, I did a trance where I was able to make him hard every time someone said “hello”.  So he would make a phone call, and hear, “Hello?” and boom – erection. Then I would get flashed an awkward smile and of course, I’d be in the background giggling.

I also use it for more practical things as well – such as – coming out of the closet as a cross dresser, or, getting over that fear of sucking your first cock. And, of course, I’ve been asked several times just to “go down deep” with no end goal whatsoever because the world is stressful and trancing is a great escape. Think about how you might want to be tranced and we can discuss it!

Still Making Sexy Audio Recordings

My inbox this year has been filled with erotic audio requests and I’m loving it! I just recorded one last week and it’s been fun hearing your ideas and getting your scripts, then, recording away. I think they have been a great escape for many of you who are stuck somewhere and can’t get a call in. Or maybe you want to be teased on a long trip via an audio. I don’t know how many audios I have sold where I was told it was listened to on planes, trains, car rides – so naughty. So if you have been sitting on an idea, or script – send it my way and we’ll work out what we can do to make your audio exciting.

Ways to Get a Hold of Me

I’m easy to get a hold of via Skype first, then email but if you are having a difficult time for some odd reason and you’d like to do a call – you can always have dispatch text me. I take calls, usually, up until 8 pm EST most days. If I am on vacation I will be sure to let the dispatcher know to tell you and when I think I’ll be back. For Skype, I do sessions so you can always hit me up if you have no privacy but want one on one time with Me.

As always My obedient sluts – Ms Cecilia