Here in Nevada, our governor mandated we wear masks in public. This is perfect for me. I love dress up! So I make sure to make it sexy. If I have to do this, might as well make it fun, right? So I opted for a leather mask at night and a lace one with fabric lined in the day. It’s been 106 here during the day so I try to stay indoors as much as possible. The quarantine isn’t much so a thing now, but when I was I had fun with that too. Wink, wink. Lots of sex. That’s what I did.

The Pandemic Brought Out All the Kinky Guys

I was truly grateful to be busy during a time of craziness this year and I was happy that my kinky guys came out in droves. Personally, and here at LDW. Personally, I had a couple of guys over to play with that I trusted so all was well. They were not around hardly anyone and neither was I so we decided to spend time together and do some fun kinky play. Bondage and strap ons were the theme, and some kinky dress up. I had one of the guys cross dress for me and he was to serve me this way for two solid days over a weekend in March. It was fun!  Also, I did lots of trance on him. Can you imagine me doing that in your ear as you are cuffed up? Music to a Mistress’ ears.

Trance and Other Novelties

I have this big walk-in closet. On one side are a bunch of toys and on the other side are my clothes. On racks are shoes and boots – I lost count how many pairs. In my toy collection are a variety of kinky things: paddles, whips, dildos, strap ons, etc. I keep them in a drawer all neat and organized. Not to mention fetish wear for just about any occasion. So, as you can imagine, some of those things are being in use during this pandemic. It’s actually been a savior for me at a time when things could have become very boring, very quickly.

So if you are still in lockdown, or, just staying in because you’re playing it safe – I’d like to talk to you! Let’s play or at least pass notes.

Ms Cecilia