I hope everyone is staying safe. So make sure you stay indoors as much as you can and maybe get out into nature where it’s quiet and peaceful.

Been Busy with Audios and Trancing!

Since the lockdowns and everything else going on in the country, I’ve been busy recording custom-made audios. The reason for this is a lot of people are unable to call because they are stuck at home with no privacy – so the best way to solve this issue is to order a custom audio that can be listened to over and over again. So for more info on that, check out: eroticaudios.com.

With trancing, I’ve had some emails and Skype questions about that and also many calls revolving around trancing. It’s been a nice escape for me, and for you!

Special Shout Out

Special shout out to my new cuckold, who I will call J. J has been generous with his virtual bouquets and I appreciate that so much. Thank you! When I say I love my callers, followers, slaves, sissies or whatever you want to call yourselves – I do. You bring light into my life and even though I’m a dominant woman, I feel that my guys (and girls) deserve a big thank you and lots of gratitude. If it wasn’t for you – I wouldn’t be here helping you, training you, trancing you and putting you on the path that you want to be on!

Much love and kisses,

Mistress Cecilia