Is everyone staying safe? And most importantly – are you staying stress-free? Are you implementing a practice that is helping you to keep calm while you are being kinky? What about trance, Ms Cecilia?

That’s where I come in.

How Can Trance Be Used in My Fetish Play?

When you are tranced, your fetish play can be magnified. Magnified in such a way that you are drawn to it more and you are not afraid of it anymore, if, by chance – you are struggling to accept this fetish of yours. Well what do I mean by this? I mean, those who are in the closet about their sexual orientation, those that are struggling to accept their crossdressing ways. BUT, also, to play. I play with trance and with fetishes – it can also facilitate to make you MORE horny, crave me more, crave whatever your vice is more – but it’s done in a safe, and playful way.

About Mistress Cecilia and Trance

I’ve been trancing for a number of years and have helped countless people accept themselves for who they are, and also, play! Also, as a certified life coach, I’ve helped those reach their goals – whatever they may be – in sexuality in other venues. But think of this – it’s FUN to trance! It’s fun to be a kinky life coach. Meaning, let’s make a plan to make your life more fun, accepting and be alive. Even during a pandemic, you can still navigate your life in a way that works for you. Reach goals that you have been putting off for some time, or that you have been scared of.

Trance, Life Coaching, Domination

Believe me, it all works together beautifully. So say you are masturbating too much and you need cock control? Trancing can bind you to me and offer that control you are looking for via mental transmission, chastity play and and cock control you need. Or, say you are having a hard time with accepting that you are drawn to cross dressing. Or, maybe you WANT to be more addicted to wearing panties — trancing can help in all those avenues, and more. For instance, I recently tranced someone to be more addicted to big black cock. He came to me already loving it, but trancing made it more so because it’s his fetish, his kink and his escape.

So escape with me. Let’s go.

Ms Cecilia