Hello kinky hunker downers,

While we wait for the country to open back up and to get back to work – what have you been doing with all this free time? Are you being kinky? Sucking cock? Dressing up in feminine clothes? Being cuckolded? Me? I’ve been catching up on some much needed, well, everything. Life hasn’t changed much for me apart from not being able to go out to my favorite clubs and have men chase me. My boyfriend is stuck in another state. So, what does that leave me? You, my phone sex calls and my toys. 😉

How Does a Mistress Cope?

I’m just saying – you – my callers, have got me through and I’ve heard from some that I have got you through, so isn’t that fantastic? We are saving one another someway in the way of our insanity and I think that’s great. So as I said, I have been doing much in the way of meditation, and doing my life coaching, and also having fun here. What sex toys you may ask?

Here are a Few of My Favorite Sex Toys

I have a vibrating magic wand I so love. It’s really my favorite. I bought it years ago and have used it so much, it now has a rattle in it. I also have vibrating eggs and dildos too – but I have to say the magic wand does the trick for me and whenever I get the chance, I tell my guys/sissies/slaves to buy it. Especially if you like to be teased or if you want to rub yourself like a girl. I highly recommend it.

So what are your favorite sex toys? And what have you been doing whilst all this is going on? I’d love to know ….

Ms Cecilia