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Corset Fetish

I have a corset fetish. When friends look at my wardrobe, they notice this. I absolutely love corsets!

Do You Have a Corset Fetish?

I get a lot of comments on my corsets and where I get them. I mainly get my corsets online from various places – whichever sites catches my fancy. I have found corsets are tough to find in general in stores, so a hunt for them is challenging at times! Corsets are very feminine and restrictive in the waist – but that is what makes the curves really pop out!

Also, they are great for waist training. Most sissies have to work on this, and corsets are the perfect trainer.

Who Wears Corsets?

These days, women who love that boudoir look and want to look sexy. And sissies. Corsets have been around for ages, but before they were used to thin the waist under very long dresses. It was to help keep everything into place. Now, women and sissies were corsets purely for sexual reasons and not function, really. They do look super sexy, right?

When to Wear Corsets

For waist training, sissy maid training, dildo training or even just serving your Mistress. They are very helpful in keeping you in line! When you feel that restriction around you for hours, you know exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing, and how you are supposed to be doing it. Likened to a chastity device, the corset wraps around your body tightly and it’s a way of complete and total submission – if you are a sissy, that is. For Mistresses who love to wear corsets, it’s more for teasing and cajoling submissives to worship her and her curves. Sissies are always in need to wanting to emulate their Mistress because they are in fascination of women and the female form.

If you are looking for corset training, make sure to contact me!

Mistress Cecilia

3 comments to Corset Fetish

  • How could you not love a corset? They are just so grand. Would I want to wear one all day every day? Probably not, but they certainly do have their benefits. They’re just so girly and feminine, from the array of fabrics to the way they make the already curvy female silhouette pop. Plus, it’s kind of like a present. Something about those laces or straps that just makes you want to untie them and see what’s inside.

  • Mistress Sierra

    Yes! Corsets are definitely a must have for any sissy who is serious about creating a sexy, feminine, hourglass figure underneath her girlie outfits. And I will add, ladies you get what you pay for! And this is so true of corsets. Invest in one that is high-quality and well-made. It may be expensive but it will last you a lifetime if you take care of it, and you will be thankful when it doesn’t pull and rip šŸ™‚

  • Rodger

    Oh yes! I especially šŸ’• love a woman in a corset with matching panty, nylons and high heels. Iā€™m already hard as a rock thinking about it!

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