I’m fascinated with guided masturbation and the lubrication that can be used. The feelings that can go with the different kinds of lubrication are amazing!

What to Use with Guided Masturbation

Guided masturbation is fantastic with the right kind of lubrication. Just yesterday, I had a session on Skype where I directed and we fantasized together. He didn’t have any lubrication on hand, so I asked what was in his kitchen. He said olive oil. I said, perfect. So he went and got the olive oil, and the rest is history.

So what can you use if you don’t have astro glide on hand? Here is a list of oils and oils that are great:

  • baby oil – very oily
  • olive oil – also very oily but can be useful during cum eating instructions
  • coconut oil – thinner oil and may need to use more, but also useful during cum eating instructions
  • vitamin e oil – good for your skin, but much thicker consistency
  • any kind of lotion, but you will have to apply very liberally

What We Can Do During a Guided Masturbation Session

There is a lot of things we can do during a guided masturbation session. One of which is just straight instructions, and we can also do role-play, or even both! I also watch on Skype which can be super erotic for both of us. Perhaps you like other kinky things like eating your own cum, or playing with a dildo – all that can be included in a guided masturbation session also. I also like to hear your fantasies too because it’s fun to try to weave in those thoughts into your session as well. There’s really no rules unless we establish them. For instance, if you want masturbation control, then, you can’t cum until I say or, you edge as many times as I tell you to edge.

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