Do you have this particular fetish that you’ve never been able to shake? Usually they are like that. How can you magnify it? Have you thought of that?

Working on The Weird in Your Fetish

It’s all a trick in the mind really. It’s guided meditation. I can take you there to make your kink even more loud, and at times, even a tad more obsessive. Have you dreamed about big cock for a long time, but never did anything about it? I can help you make it happen, or at least think about it a hell of a lot more than you used to. Have a panty fetish but you’re bored with it? Not to worry, I can make it to where it is more of a party again. This is what guided meditation can do.

How So?

I start off by getting you very relaxed, then, get your mind very focused on the end goal. The end goal is what you choose, or, if you want me to choose – then that is yet another option. What would you like it to be? We will have to have a very big discussion about that prior to getting you under guided meditation. It’s likened to getting your fetish on steroids. We want it to be bigger, and more dynamic, and fun. That’s the bottom line.

Essentially, this can help you get over your fears and propel you deeper into your fetish in a way you never knew before.

Have more questions about how to take hold of your fetish and make it your bitch? Ask me. You can contact me on Skype at MsCecilia2011 or you can email me at I would love to talk to you about what your kink is and how we can make it even more exciting.