I love a nice dominant fantasy. Don’t you? Last night I watched the movie Wonder Woman. Incredible!

A Good Dominant Fantasy!

So as I stated, last night I went to the movies to get out of the Las Vegas heat. It’s been around 116 degrees during the day, and it’s been melting me! So what better way than to go to the movies and have a good time. I watched Wonder Woman with my boyfriend and this starting churning all kinds of fantasies in my mind.

So What is So Fascinating About Wonder Woman?

She is sexy, she is strong and she is good. This character that was portrayed in this movie was much less cheesy than the Lynda Carter version in the 1970s. I always imagine I’d play a much more sinister style Wonder Woman. Like, her evil twin, so to speak.

Comic Characters as a Mistress

I have done plenty of comic book characters over the years. Some are made up, whilst others come straight out of the comic books – like Poison Ivy, or Cat Woman. I would certainly love to play out a fantasy where I am Wonder Woman’s evil twin. I wonder what her name would be? But I do know what she would be capable of. She would use the lasso of truth to, of course, get the truth but use it in more sinister ways. Her strength would be used to physically dominate you in many forms – just think of the possibilities! Cock control, strap on play, forced bi……

If anyone would love to role play this out with me, I would love to do this!

Ms Cecilia