CFNM – for those of you that do not know, that is clothed female, naked male.

CNFM – the Fantasy of Many Men

So what is so fascinating about CFNM anyway? If you think about it, a group of women, or a woman, is sitting around completely clothed whilst you are there, naked. I know exactly what it is – it’s complete humiliation and a vulnerability. Especially if your penis is too small, and you are a pre-ejaculator, and you are super shy…. the possibilities are endless.

How I Love CFNM Sessions

I always tend to think of men on a cold, hard floor with the room a good 65 degrees. A little chilly and no one is going to throw you a coat. The women are not scantily clad, rather, we are dressed like business women, or, maybe it’s in tight full body suits. Could also be yoga pants. The point is, you will not be seeing much of our skin. What a mind fuck!

How Sessions are Conducted

When you call, of course we will be mostly doing fantasy and role play. However, you should come completely naked so that you get a feel of what it would be like to be around a group of ladies, or just me, and we are watching you as you masturbate – completely naked on the floor. You might even be fantasizing about worshipping women’s feet, or legs, but through the cloth or shoes, for example. You crawling around the floor, naked, and doing as I say will enhance the session even though I am not there. After all, getting wrapped up in our own imaginations is erotic and fun!

Talk to you on our next erotic CFNM session. Bring nothing, you won’t really need it except your imagination and your hands. You might be doing a lot of stroking your cock.

Keep in mind, I can watch you on Skype too.

Mistress Cecilia