I think many shemales are very hot. When I watch a porn movie with someone, I try to figure out who is the shemale and who isn’t. Especially if there are more than 2 people in the movie.

The Shemale Appeal

I have always been able to see the appeal of a shemale is. I mean, come on, it’s the best of both worlds. There are many times I thought to myself that I wish I had a big cock so I can see what I could do with it. Seriously, I’d probably be trying to bang every woman I could, or sissy. I have seen many shemales that are so passable, you can’t tell they have a cock until they have stripped down their skirt and panties. It’s truly remarkable.

Would You?

So would you be with a shemale if you could? I know many that have and often don’t regret it. Question is, why would you be with a shemale versus a man? Is it because they have breast implants? Or does it give you a free pass to be with a cock because she looks mostly female? Or is it the best of both worlds – the way I look at it – that draws you to them? For me, it’s the hybrid of male and female that is attractive to me. I love the shape of a woman’s body and the sensuality of them, but I also love a man’s cock. Don’t get me wrong – a big muscular man really does it for me in the end. But the combination of both masculine/feminine features on one body is super attractive to me.

The Perfection of the Duality

If you could find the perfect shemale, what would she look like? Would she be tall? Have a certain hair color? What about the cock size? If you are into shemales, I’m sure you have put some thought into this!

Mistress Cecilia