Being in denial is one thing, being in gay denial is a whole other.

What is Gay Denial?

So the other day, I’m on the phone, and this guy wants to watch porn with me. Okay, I like that. I like watching porn with my callers. It makes it interactive and actually fun. We discuss what is in the porn film, and what we like/dislike. I notice that he keeps switching to shemale and gay porn. I say, so, are you gay? He goes – uh, no. I just like watching it. I said, but doesn’t it turn you on to see a cock? He answers sheepishly: yes.

I said, oh my god – you are in gay denial. You are in such deep denial that you are totally gay!  It only took an hour to really interrogate him and make him crack that yes, he was indeed gay.

Why Deny It?

Let’s face it – we’re never going to meet. NEVER. Ever. Never will I fuck you, never will I want to fuck you – so why are you trying to save face by trying to convince me you are not gay? Come on. That’s what I said to him. So why would you deny it? Do you think I’ll think less of you? No – I won’t think less of you. I’ll just think of you as a faggot cocksucker who sits around and jerks off to gay porn all the time. No harm, right? HAHA!

Just Cock It

In fact, once I crack your gay denial – I’m going to super encourage you to do something about it. Get out there. Experience it. Put a cock in your mouth, or two. Feel it in your hands. Put it elsewhere too – I mean, life is short. You’ve been thinking about it for 10 years, why are you sitting around in a closet and in complete denial? What are you trying to prove? Well, let me tell you a little secret about women: we probably already know anyway. We know that you wanted to suck a cock – it’s written all over your face ….

Might as well have cum to go with that guilt on your face, right?

Ms Cecilia