Voyeurism and cuckolding are closely related in some instances. Voyeurism is the act of watching two people have sex, and cuckolding – well, we all know what that is.

In many cases, cuckolds love to watch – so, voyeurism, yes?

Why Voyeurism is Exciting

I once watched a couple having sex in a pool, late at night from my hotel window. I didn’t look away, and I didn’t say, “Oh my god, how disgusting… ”  I just kept watching. The black guy who was fucking the white girl at 2 am kept looking around to see if anyone was watching them, but he didn’t see me. Oh yes, I’m a voyeur. Watching two people have sex is my thing. Watching two people do anything sexual really is my thing. I love it. But how is this different from cuckolding?

Cuckolding and How it Differs

Of course, I’m not a cuckold and never would be. I really don’t hear of women cucks, do you? Never. But, I have heard of plenty of male cuckolds. Cuckoldry involves a willingness to let your partner have sex with others and you know all about it. Sometimes, you watch. Voyeurism is more, shall we say, unattached. You can be in the same room, but you have no attachments to the couple that is doing the fucking, or sucking. That is separate in of itself. However, in cuckold relationships watching is taking place – therefore, voyeurism to an extent. Voyeurism with an attachment. Me, I’m just plain dominant and voyeuristic.

How I am Voyeuristic Now

I love to watch and control. I always watch 2 men, or 2 women, or a man and a woman, or just simply a man do things for me on Skype if I am taking calls. In my personal life, I have watched and will continue to. If you are an exhibitionist, then we are a match made in heaven because nothing thrills me more than to watch you on Skype and see you in action doing your thing. Whatever that thing is – dildos, dressing up, masturbating, CBT – what have you. Just yesterday, I watched someone take several dildos and also had him dress up and put on a chastity device. Thrilling!

Want to thrill me? Add me on Skype: mscecilia2011 and call me at the site: strokeforme.com

You’ll love it.

Ms Cecilia