I love the edging games. I usually play with it in a variety of ways. Sometimes I roll dice, draw cards, and several years ago I invented a game that involved lots of edging. I’d have to dig it up again to remember how to play. Sometimes I make it up on the fly.

Other Edging Possibilities

This is riskier, but fun. I actually talked to a guy last week that was edging in semi-public. What I mean by that is he was in his apartment complex and kept going into the laundry rooms (no one was there) and then edging. Then going back into his apartment, opening the door the the public hallway, and edging in front of the door. He was also in a blindfold, with noise cancelling headphones. He could only hear my voice. I was watching all this on Skype. I was messing with him too. I told him someone walked by when no one had, and I swear he jumped about 3 feet into the air. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Sucker. Cock control at it’s finest right there.

It was a blast.

Also with Materials

There’s a lot of materials that can be used in edging games too. It goes great with your kink too. Let’s say your kink is pantyhose – you could have an assortment of pantyhose: different colors and textures to stroke to. Fishnets, silks, cuban stockings – you name it.  Also, panties work great with this. Don’t forget the different oils and lotions too.

To edge you is a great psychological mindfuck too. Think about it. Having a woman telling you when to stroke and when not to is intense. What is even more intense is that you never know exactly when you are going to cum. Do you? Not with me anyway.

Can’t wait to edge you – Mistress Cecilia