Mistress favorites. I blog a lot about certain fetishes, your calls and all the things I talk about.

What you don’t know is stuff about me! So I’m going to share a little bit about who I am as a Mistress in everyday life and things I actually enjoy.

What Does Mistress Love?

Well you know that I love all things BDSM, so much so, I made a career out of it. There are other things in my life that I am super passionate about.  I love dogs – I own two and occasionally watch some of my friend’s dogs. Don’t worry – they are quiet and don’t make a lot of fuss during phone sex calls.

I also love to cook. I know, I know – submissives should cook for the Mistress right? Wrong. Not if you love to do it yourself because I look at cooking as an art. Now mind you, I don’t mind if submissives DO cook for me – I have had it happen. But, I enjoy it myself. I cook mainly healthy meals, but I will splurge in the occasional tortellini.

Exercising the BDSM

I work out. A lot. You have to in order to keep up in the BDSM world. Bondage, staying in heels for hours and flinging whips. Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a mean Mistress, I do love to do some pain here and there. Even cock teasing requires you to be in good shape!  This requires a Mistress to be strong. And I do enjoy it. In fact, I will listen to music or watch one hour shows using my equipment. Right now, I’m watching Shameless and that encourages me to get through the entire work out.

So tell Me in the comments below. What do you enjoy?