Some of them are so confused, amiright?

So, yesterday, I had a conversation with a cocksucker who said that I had made him into a cocksucker via guided meditation.

I said, of course brainwashing and the like can lead you, eventually, to love cocksucking, but, you came to me already packaged like this!

Cocksucking is Something You are Born With…

…for the most part.

A lady like me can certainly coerce a boy like you into being a cocksucker, but, I believe that seed was planted a very long time ago in your brain.

Something tipped you off, whether it was a friend, too many trips to the gym’s shower room, or porn – you have been a cock lover for a very long time, my little dick licker.

Cocksucker’s Love Me

So back to yesterday’s conversation from the confused cock loving caller. He wanted me to REVERSE his love for cock, more notably, transgender cock. I said, no way.

You came to me this way, and you are going to keep being this way. Since I had made him suck cock via long distance, and he ended up loving – he got scared. But, he keeps coming back to me.

So What Will it Be?

Will you continue to fantasize, which is fine, by the way, or, will you take the cock plunge and go deep?

I think through my guided meditation and coercion, you can eventually make your way to a nice big cock in your mouth.

You know the seed has already been planted, and now is the time to make it more of an object of your desire.

Even if you say that I “made” you love it more, I’ll take that – but, once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker – that’s what I say.

So I look forward working with you in your cocksucking quest!