Hello Christmas Chastity Sluts,

I’m wondering how many of you will be in chastity during the holidays? I assume not many, but my guy definitely is! I decided him in chastity would be one of My many Christmas presents and I completely love to tease him.

Is Chastity on Your Mind for the New Year?

I have talked to a few of you who have thought about being chaste more in 2017, does this sound like you? I have to say my favorite chastity device is the silicone bird cage. Its more flexible and comfortable, but hard to get out of. This is the one my boyfriend has.

How Can You Do Chastity Long Distance?

I have been doing long distance sex training for a long time, so I know exactly how to train you. I recommend numbered locks and daily photographs and some Skype sessions so I can tease you and see if you are still in the same numbered lock. And this can go on for days or weeks at a time … however long we both decide you need to be in a cock cage  for.

Why Do I like Cock Control?

I love to dominate, obviously. But I love the power and control I have over a nice cock and how I can tell you to cum or not. It certainly pleases me when I know those balls are turning blue because I made them so.

Also, there is no doubt that a man will do just about anything when he is locked up and horny – another power trip I so do enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about training, please reach out to Me on Skype and you’re welcome to meet me in the chatroom several times a week (see link above that says LDW/Enchantrix tour for a schedule). There, I can give you a tour, and then talk to you about your best training options.