This last month has been so busy for me! I have had a lot of calls as of late about sissies and sissification, and, I have to say how much fun it has been. I have about 5 sissies that I am training, and I’m still open for a few more to have more training with me. These sissies are following a program for feminization in which they must call a few times a week to check in and come for that style of training they are seeking and following from me.

I do believe it’s important to follow who you really are inside! We all have some sort of alter ego, and it’s good to embrace it and let it come out when you can. This is why training to be a girl and being feminized is so important. If I wanted to be a man, then I would get my mentorship from a man. Now, I do enjoy being a woman and I do play role-reversal, but, I don’t want to be a man … but if I did … oh, you get the point.

I have a program I like to use that covers all the vital points of being a woman. It covers all the of the bases, however, I will be asking you questions as to what points you most want to emphasize. Then, we roll with it!

I want you to reach out to me on Skype with questions you may have before sessions, or, any program I offer in cock control and feminization:  MsCecilia2011

Ms Cecilia