It’s starting to heat up in Las Vegas, and I found a game that will turn the heat up on you if you are into teasing and edging.  This is a computer based edging game where you will provide some basic edging criteria and we put the data in, and then the tormenting begins.  This program will outline a custom program of when you stroke, when you stop stroking that cock, when you stroke hard and when you stroke slow and if you are allowed to cum.  You will not get to see what the algorithm will be suggesting on the screen, just hear the words coming out of my sexy mouth.

It is pretty intense because even I do not have any control over your edging and your pleading, so it really is up to the mercy of the computer.  I have played this with several edging fanatics, and they love it.  They enjoy putting wagers on how far they can make it, but between the stroking instructions, my silky smooth voice guiding you is often too much.

If you want a new addictive edging arrow for your fantasy quiver, then this is the game for you.  Let’s make it fun by upping the ante and see how long you can hold out and what you are willing to do when squirming on the pinnacle of release, just where this I love to keep you.

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Have a great day with that hard cock aching to jump into a fun edging game!


Ms Cecilia