Hello, cocksuckers! haha

So some pretty exciting things happening in kink land this week and for starters, I’m as horny as can be. My go-to cock these days has been away overseas on business going on 11 days now, and I have not had sex and am getting nuts which lead me to Mike, the cocksucker…

Mike has been having cocksucking fantasy phone sex with me for the past few months during which his fantasy of sucking cock became a realistic sexual itch he needed to fulfill.  Well it happened two nights ago, Mike found a guy to come to his place and sucked his first cock for me on, and he did it on Skype. It was awesome to watch!

Now this is where the adventure gets really hot for me; he found a young guy with ripped abs, black hair, and a beautiful thick cock. You know, the kind where the veins pop out on and has that really defined head.  Well, Mike started getting nervous and wanted to back out, but Richard was a total alpha male who was not leaving without getting his cock sucked.  Richard and I started to double dome the poor little cocksucker, and before you know he was gagging on a beautiful cock.

At this point, I have had no sex in days, horny from having kinky phone sex calls for days and watching this sexy young man with a beautiful cock manhandle a weak little cocksucker and found myself placing my body wand on my swollen clit.  I was so turned on watching this that as Richard started to cum all over Mike’s face, I found myself orgasming with him. This was a first for me, and god did it feel good. I thanked Richard for helping me with the relief I needed and had Mike send a nice tribute for making his fantasy come true.

I am not sure I will make it another week! I might be down on the Vegas strip this weekend finding a good looking guy for a quick fuck…..

And I think I’m going to wear these panties:  ceciliaass

Looking for some kinky and edgy phone sex calls this week so I have good material at the end of the day to masturbate to….

Later losers! Your horny phone sex Mistress