Hello kinky boys!

Are you getting ready for Halloween?  I know I am!

So I wanted to do a little seamless advertising for our sexytexting.com service. Tomorrow, October 13th, we are running a texting special: If you buy 10 mins or more, you get 5 minutes free!  Contact me on Skype: MsCecilia2011 or on yahoo: mistress_cecilia_dominates in order to ask more about this or do a texting session with me! Let’s make this happen!

What is sexy texting anyway? Well think of an intimate conversation online where you can have total privacy and explore your sexual fantasies, or experience instructions – better than that, no one hears you! Also, sexytexting can work as well if you want to hear my voice via Skype, and you can type (maybe you have company at your house and you’re unable to talk) – that’s how sexy texting can work for you.


Don’t forget to come to the kinky chatroom at various hours of the week: you can check for those hours on the page here on my blog called the tour! It’s a fun way to get to know the websites and just to chat in general!

I will talk to you in a text session tomorrow!

Ms Cecilia