The Surprise on the Other Side is so Exciting

What an amazing week! Thank you so much for the great calls – from a sissy who ventured to a mall using her Skype on a smartphone all dressed up and nervous-  to fuck-over boy who just loves to give me money to be allowed to cum.  Thank you for the VB’s! You know you are such a loser …. and you so love the tease and denial!
I find the mixed bag of what adventure is on the other side of the phone each time it rings is what keeps this phone sex Mistress on her toes and smiling.

Love love love Tease and Denial

I have also had some great tease and denial calls and text sessions.  I really love when you guys stroke your cock for me and I guide you to the edge over and over again until you tell me how much your cock is dripping for me.  I know once that clear drip of pre cum is oozing out of your cock eye I have you in my control and at that point the intensity of the tease and denial really starts.  How many times can I bring you to that explosive edge then make you stop leaving you writhing in ecstasy begging and almost crying for release.
Is it more intense if you try to hold a load back for me if you had not cum for weeks and are so on edge just calling to speak to me or if you masturbated and came within 24 hours prior and your staying power is a but longer to ride a few more edges.  I know which one produces a bigger cum load but which one is more intense on your guys side?

Queen of the LDW tours

I have been giving lots of tours lately and you can find me in the chat room ready to give you a tour of our amazing sites and answer any questions regarding LDW.  There are always the LDW  gang of groupies present who can advise you on fun LDW things to do as well as different Mistress’s popping in here and there to give you a taste of the different styles we have to offer.  So what are you waiting for?

A huge thank you and hug for your positive feedback

I also want to thank you all for taking to the time to email me your comments on my previous blog post regarding daily emails.  You have no idea how happy 90 percent of you made me by recognizing the effort myself and other Mistresses here at LDW put into keeping you guys in line and how you appreciate all we do and think it is fair to set up additional services for daily monitoring, assignments and conversations electronically just like other professions.  I thought it was interesting that several of you have wanted to email me more but wanted to respect my time and a situation like this would be ideal for you.  ….so thank you, I will soul search this deeper in the coming weeks.
I will be around week than I am heading out of town for 4 days of fun starting Friday….so get your kink and fetish in now. I’m looking forward to tease and deny, sissifying you and other ways to get your kinky side on!