Hello phone sex pervs!

How is your summer going thus far? Mine is going fantastic, and I really have to say I am having a lot of fun.

How Phone Sex LDW Tours Can Help You

If you are wanting to see our vast network of phone sex websites, and ask questions, what better way to do that then with an LDW tour! Every week, I have a schedule posted up on when I conduct these tours and am open to your questions about our Mistresses, websites, entertainment sites, etc.  There are three options for you to take a tour with me: Skype, yahoo, and communitykink.com.  My yahoo is: mistress_cecilia_dominates@yahoo.com, or on Skype: MsCecilia2011.  You may come during my tour hours and spend a little time having a look around! In communitykink.com, that is our community chatroom where you can relax, hang out, chat with Mistresses and go on tours with me! And during these tours, no stroking. The ultimate in tease and denial.

Weenie Loser is Being Challenged

It seems the weenie has a big challenge coming up at the end of this month until he sees his Mistress, and he can’t cum until a certain day in July. Oh how I love to tease and torment that little uncircumcised weenie!  So I challenge you to come back to Me before your big day and see if I can make you burst. You know how I love to tease and deny, tease and deny, tease and deny. A big mess may result in you paying for it!

And Speaking of Tease and Denial

I love it. If you need a good tease, stroking instructions, a chastity Mistress, someone to make you drip. I’m the girl. Imagine it. Your cock – veiny, throbbing, so close to the edge that you are crying. You are begging. You’ll do anything for that sweet release. You know that it is true. Don’t you? So I dare you to call to experience my tease and denial.