So like all my other games I created over the years, this one is taking off like wildfire and what a blast.  The panty game is so much fun for the both of us, it gives you peeks into my real world and allows us to have some real time fun.  Do not get me wrong – I love fantasy and role playing calls but this gives me a chance to expose more of my private world with you which is a turn on for both of us.
So since the game started I have had a bunch of losers, thank you for keeping your word on the wagers this is what makes the LDW guys the best.  I had 4 winners and 3 out of the 4 allowed me to keep the wager because they had so much fun and one guy whose name is Dick was all proud and carried on about winning and didn’t leave anything.   I love how you guys just get off on spoiling such a beautiful kinky girl like me, like I am your secret, and spoiling gives you that rush that makes you feel good.   I wonder what is up with Dick?  Maybe he is that still in high school mentality- haha!
I am here this week - one of my dogs had an emergency surgery this week so it was a little hectic but he is fine and on the mend.  It was a crazy week.
Spring is here I understand you guys and girls in the midwest and east coast are finally warming up and snow is melting.  Short dresses are around the corner will you be wearing them or trying to look up them like the deviant you are?
I also had a week long training session which was a lot of fun, and we had all kinds of email assignments and calls to make sure she was doing as told.  If you are interested, call me and we can talk about how you can enroll in this program, but make sure you have the time to fulfill the dirty wants you have in your head.
Lets have some fun this week,
Mistress Cecilia