Hello, my deviants. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts that everyone has given me this holiday season, and Boner boy, you are always the cream that rises to the top! So, thank you, everyone!
The New year is upon us, and I am in the mood for some good, old, quality spanking. I think that’s a fantastic way to ring in the New Year!  I particularly love cock spanking, nothing gets me more excited then you edging that cock to its ultimate hardness then laying it flat on your desk and taking a simple house hold item like a ruler or wooden spoon and smacking it hard for me.  I love when good boys put the phone on the desk so I can really hear that smack good, and the screams off in the distance, it sounds so erotic to me!
I know so many of you love a good cock spanking, right, Sarge, my little doggie?  I also love a good ass spanking,but knowing you are torturing that cock for me, I cant explain it, it just makes me glow knowing your submissiveness to me and gets me really turned on.  Does it excite you knowing that you torturing that cock turns me on so much that my guy will come home and get an incredible fuck because you made me so horny?
Because I am a horny girl in the New Year, and love the idea of a spanking cuckold, those of you that call for a good cock spanking will be evaluated by how many whacks you can handle, time lasted ,and degree of redness on that cock.
The tour has been so much fun lately, if you are new here please hit me up. I love hearing the different responses to all of the amazing sites here at LDW!
To my sissies, humiliation junkies, cock sucker and cum eaters I will be around during my regular hours during the day.  Since so many of you requested your favorite mistress at night last month I am offering scheduled evening calls again for January, remember they need to be at least 30 min calls and email me at least 24 hours ahead so I can adjust my schedule for you.
Also, sissyschool.com has rolled out a new circuit training program here at LDW! If you have questions about it, please read about it here.  And also, ask me questions on Skype, and I will answer any detailed questions you have about the program. Basically, it’s a  good way to get in-depth training on how to be a woman and be feminized, and you get to graduate with Sissy School Honors at the end of the program!
Happy New Year lets make 2015 the most peaceful and prosperous ever!
Ms Cecilia