Hello sexual deviants!
I hope the last mile run to the holidays is keeping you all horny as you attend the parties looking at all the pretty co workers all sexed up for a night.  Are you wondering – does she have a thong or bikini on under that dress? Is it panty hose or thigh highs? Oh you dirty boys…..
Many of you know I travel often and whenever I can break free I love to see this country and all the wonders it has to offer.  I play in the alternative world and connect through various groups so when I travel, I get to be myself.   Outside of the kink and the sexual rush of playing, I have met some really great people both men and woman who I have kept a relationship with.  As they say: never judge a book by a cover.
This past week, as I was coming back from Connecticut, my bag got stopped for additional screening at the TSA.  Well next thing I know is, I see the agent pulling a black stiletto, a ball gag and a vibrator from my bag to place in the small bowl and put through the x ray machine again.  I watched as the jaws dropped, some people gasp and the bad boys all smiled at me.  It was an interesting moment a bit of embarrassment and yet a rush of people knowing who I was – a dominant woman.
It made me realize more and more the intense feelings you guys get from telling a woman, perhaps a sales lady at a lingerie store, that the panties are for you.
I look forward to playing ringing your balls this holiday season. I will be around on my usual schedule I might stay late a few nights I know many of you guys beg me because you can not break free during the day.  If you are interested in an evening call which has to be done by 10 est email me and we can set it up.
For those of my sluts, pain junkies, girls and cock suckers who I will not a get a chance to speak to I hope you have a peaceful holiday season and look forward to playtime in 2015!
As always contact ME for a Mistress Tour of the LDW Sites and I will answer any of your questions.
Also, remember I am here for text sessions for those of you who can’t break away to the phone for the holidays. It will be like your escape!
Ms Cecilia