Hello all you sexual fiends!  How was your Halloween?  I dressed up as a vampire this year there to suck your blood. I had on red blood lipstick, and with my fiery red hair, it was a hit.

I have a fascination with extraction. Whether it’s sucking blood out of your neck, or, extracting cum from your balls (unless I say you have to keep it there longer), or, extracting thoughts from your head. That’s where the interrogation comes in. I love to strap you to a chair and ask you questions about your fetishes – sort of like a police woman. Wouldn’t that be a sexy role play?

When you give me a ring, expect to be asked questions. If you don’t like to answer questions, it could land you in trouble with me!  Expect to answer many questions about your perverted little thoughts.

So … in other news, I am here to remind you about the LDW tour. Do you know that I am a tour guide for LDW? If you knew that and it’s been awhile, take another tour with me on the LDW bus! If you are new, all the more reason for me to take you around to our different sights and sounds here at LDW land. All you have to do is contact me on Skype or yahoo and tell me you are interested in a tour – I’ll be happy to show you around, free of charge. LDW is a big place with many things going on – so let me be your tour guide!



Skype: MsCecilia2011

yahoo: mistress_cecilia_dominates