I decided to take the day off today, but also felt like blogging while I watch Robin Williams movies.  He was my favorite!

Anyway, I had an awesome week with calls and super busy. Seems like many of you are enjoying my therapy approach to calls, and some love the phone sex fantasy of lying on my couch and telling Me everything I must know.

Who Do You Have in Your Life to Share Your Fetishes?

I think many of you have no one to express your most intimate fantasies and secrets with – and I’m just the girl to do that with. Many of you enjoy cross dressing, chastity, domination and all sorts of fetishes that some around you would not understand. That is okay though, you do have someone to share with and speak to about your desires. It is me and all the other lovely ladies at LDW.  But if you do have a significant other, or friend you share with, I’d love to know!

Oh, I also wanted to share that I have a new tumblr account, so be sure to follow me!  You can find it here!

So Mistress Wants to Know Your Naughty Fetish Secret: What Are You Going to Dress up for Halloween?

So what will it be? I want to hear your ideas and maybe we can collaborate on what you will dress up as. Here are some ideas: a gimp. A sissy maid. A pirate wench. Maybe even a puppy dog at the other end of a leash attached to a Mistress walking you. The sky is the limit!

Yours, Mistress Cecilia