Ah, Halloween. The time when the crossdressers and sissies come out in droves and ask what kind of outfit they should wear for Halloween. Even those who have never crossdressed before finding themselving thinking about it around Halloween because isn’t that the time you can be whoever you want?  You know who you are – the closet crossdressers who secretly wear pantyhose and panties to work under your business suit or jeans…. Yeah, I see you. While everyone else is thinking about what candy to buy to pass out to trick-or-treaters, or in what shape to carve out their pumpkin – you’re thinking of being that fairy, or pirate wench, or … just a hooker. That being said, I look forward to seeing your costumes this year and discussing what it is you should be…

Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted To …. Sexual Fetishes

Just as candy is addictive to a lot of us (I personally can’t stay away from the Almond Joy or Kit Kats from the Halloween bowl), I have found that many of you have sexual addictions. As one who has a background in psychology, I find this very alluring. In fact, I love to relax you and dig around into your head a little bit… you know, likened to you coming to my couch and kicking back after a long day and letting yourself go. There is danger in letting yourself go though, especially around a woman like me.  I may come across as someone who listens and cares, and I do, but, I will find a way – somehow – to pull out that addiction card out and use it. Do you have a leg fetish? Perfect. I will make sure I wear an extra short skirt that day for our therapy session.  Have a masturbation addiction?  Perhaps I will have you demonstrate for me what that looks like…

Sweet the Release Under My Masochistic Tendencies

Call it masochistic, but I do enjoy watching you slip deeper into your addictions. I suppose I took psychology in order to delve into your head and look around so as I can extract as much as I can out of you. Doesn’t that sound intoxicating?  Like the other day, I had a nervous caller who was not outwardly wanting to reveal right away what he was into – but I, softly and sweetly, squeezed it out of him –  like oozing honey out of a honey pot. Nice and slow and so sweet the release.

Speaking of sweet release, thank you Sean Weenie (obviously not his real name) for the $500 Amazon GC. I think I’ll stack those up for Christmas.  And K, glad you bought those purple panties, and J, for making me laugh and following my audios that I do and actually doing the assignments.

I look forward to talking to you this October and the spooky season.

Ms Cecilia