Hey Kinky Boys (and Girls):

Don’t you just love autumn? The coolness of the night, the change in the air.  Living in the heat of sin city its during this time of year I miss the color changes and the amazing woodlands of the Northeast.

How many of you sissies start to change out your panty and lingerie collection based on the changing seasons? Are the pale pinks and pastel blues being pushed to the back of your secret panty box and the darker blacks and maroons making their way to the front?  Did I ever tell you this Mistress has such a thing for nice deep purple satin panties? If you want to win special points with me, tell me about the pair you might be wearing or better off hop on Skype and show me your cute ass in a pair of deep purple satin panties!

As you all know, I had a very busy summer but your kinky Mistress is back and around on her regular schedule for the fall.  I have had some really great therapy calls! I love taking the time and getting really deep into your head to discover the trigger points and then either helping you through them or twisting you and making your fetish worse, making you ache to suck cock, or to really share that submissive role to sexy dominant woman like me or perhaps a good chastity stretch of a few months where you spoil me at the hopes of me letting you unlock and have a few minutes of pleasure.

I also love the quickies!  You know the guys who wake all horny or saw their co-worker dressed all sexy and only have 10 minutes to scratch that itch.  I love making you guys cum in your office while still dressed in your slacks and shirt telling me how you would love to be forced to buy your sexy co worker things just to be in her presence…..isn’t that true Gary, what was her name – Ciara?  Did you ever buy her that tablet she wanted?

Call me or look for me on Skype or yahoo or email me to set up a session on your kinks

Ms Cecilia